Upgrade/Replace & Repair Your Grip

Upgrade/Replace & Repair Your Grip

from 8.00

This is a listing to service a contact wand that you already have!

READ THIS FIRST to decide if you need a Replace or an Upgrade:
Please note: You will need to pay the ship the item back to me:

  • I suggest you ship in a tube/the same tube your wand came in for protection.

  • I suggest you pay to insure the package, just in case something happens during transit.

  • I am not responsible for any wands or packages shipped to me until they arrive at my house and in my hands. Please package them safely & well.

Things that fall under "Replace":

  • Ripped/Dirty grip tape that you want rewrapped fresh.

  • Changing the weight of your wand (heavier or lighter).

When to purchase "Upgrade":

  • If you would like to upgrade a "white or black grip" to the clear grip. I will complete your tape pattern down through the wand and add clear grip on top.

  • You also have the option here to upgrade to reflective tape.

While you're at it - you can now add designs/name personalization to the wands as well HERE. 

Message me with any other questions or weird inquiries. I can also change the ball end colors, whatever you want, but prices may be different for other services - please contact me first.

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