20 inch Wanderlust Wand - Travel friendly

20 inch Wanderlust Wand - Travel friendly

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This is a little 20 inch wand created with the traveller in mind.
You can now add on grip/weight making this wand better for contact style play, please read below for specs!! I do not recommend this wand to learn on/for beginners.


  • The end caps pop off making the wand even shorter/easier to travel with.

  • Wand will be lighter weight - about 5.5 oz depending on tape selections.

  • No grip tape, but it will be protected with a smooth clear tape later.


  • Endcaps will be weighted and shouldn’t be removed.

  • Wand will be about 8 oz depending on tape selections (nearly the same weight as a normal length contact wand).

  • Clear grip tape will cover the entire length of the wand.

You choose one or two tapes to be spiraled and end cap colors. You may also upgrade it with reflective tapes if you want.
See all of the tape options HERE!
I do not do fully custom crazy tape jobs on these due to them being difficult to balance. I suggest grabbing a regular-sized contact wand for normal spinning.


Being a lot shorter than normal wands, it is a great travel wand if you need to put it in a backpack and it is also super cute…BUT being shorter it is naturally a bit tougher to handle and a lot more sensitive to the elements such as wind that can knock it off/become frustrating to a new wander trying to learn.

ALL WANDS come with:

A finger loop/swivel. You can upgrade to a Lanternsmith X Derpgear Pomgrip setup or choose long string (which will NOT come with a swivel or finger loop).

Width = Same size as all Derpgear wands at 5/8th inches.
Length = 20 inches with end caps on and about 18 inches with caps removed.
Weight = It depends on the options you choose, please read specs above.

Thick technora braided short string.

Each wand is personally tested for balance.

Fingerloop or Pomgrip:
Reflective Option:
Add-on Grip/Weight? (READ description!):
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REFLECTIVE OPTION: Add this to make the wand reflective. Creates the illusion of a light up wand on video when a flash or light is on it.

(Video example of a random reflective wand - this does not necessarily reflect the reflective colors of this specific wand).

You can purchase extra string and fingerloops/pomgrip setups HERE.

These are handmade with nothing but loving vibes, good intentions, and smiles.
Contact me HERE with any questions at all (I respond quickly!) You can also message me on Instagram @Derpgear or on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/derpgear.