Chris Dyer X Derpgear - Neo Human Evolution CUSTOM

Chris Dyer X Derpgear - Neo Human Evolution CUSTOM

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Purchase this to start creating a custom reversible chained hood with me!
ALL hoods are handmade and reversible.

  • You choose a fabric for the reverse side. You will be asked to leave in the notes which fabric you want.
  • Please scroll down to see what I have in stock.
  • We will communicate through e-mail to create your perfect hood.

You have three chain options (check photos)

  • Fat Chain 
  • Thin Chain
  • Double Thin Chain - Two strands of thin chain at varying lengths

Chains are easily removed so that you have the option to use different chains.

The more you wear the hood, the more broken in and comfortable it will become.
Hand-wash and air-dry, please.

Chain Style:
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Examples of fabric available/fabric previously used. You are not limited to this - we will discuss.



OFFICIAL CHRIS DYER - Neo Human Evolution/Derpgear

Chris Dyer is a boss!

To learn more about Chris Dyer and Positive Creations you can check out all of his visionary art


These are handmade with nothing but loving vibes, good intentions, and smiles.
Contact me HERE with any questions at all (I respond quickly!) You can also message me on Instagram @Derpgear or on Facebook @