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About Me


My friend came up with the idea to call my store "Derp". I contemplated for a long time about this (you've seen the memes). I ended up resting on it because I wanted something easy and fun to remember. It's all about enjoying life, smiling, and not taking too yourself seriously. 

I personally hand-make every item in this shop (I AM A REAL HUMAN...who sometimes likes to identify as alien). 
I sell leviwands and contact wands, hoods of all different types, and the newly added FIRE SAFE harness hoods and Nunchaku!

I LOVE DOING CUSTOM WORK!! I love collaborating with you to create your perfectly taped wand or the hood of your dreams. Nothing is off limits - so shoot me a message to get started. Let's create something beautiful together.

THANK YOU for the constant support and love. YOU ARE the reason that I do what I do.

Kristina @ DerpGear
Dance, vibe, flow, love, breathe - trying to achieve balance since 2013.



Meet The Derp Fam!!!!!

All sponsee bios coming soon...


Jess, Firebolly

Insured Fire Performer from the East Coast!

I am a multiprop spinner with Contact Leviwand as my first and most loved prop. I started wanding on September 26th,2016 and have been dedicated to the Wand Life ever since. A few other props I really enjoy are Fans,Hoops,and Fire Eating.

You can follow me on Instagram at @Firebolly and on Facebook HERE.



I am a dancer, flow artist and writer. Spreading the joy of prop manipulation through the magic of the leviwand, hoops and staff!

Liberating humans by spreading body positivity and promoting/being at peace with nudity and allowing it to empower us.

Hopefully you'll catch Sahhar teaching some really unique wanding classes at Firedrums and Lucidity.

Follow her on Instagram @magicianjediwizard and on Facebook HERE.


Claire Lathrop

Claire is an artist of many forms living in Kansas City, Missouri. She is currently in school to become an art teacher to be able to share this passion with others.

Claire uses flow as another form of expression and often uses this physical form of expression as a break from visual expression and painting. She has been flowing with a Levi Wand for about 3.5 years and has recently been revisiting short string and contact, but has a special place in her heart for long-string fluid flow.

Instagram: @claire.loves.kitties
snapchat: @claairemaarie"