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About Me


My friend came up with the idea to call my store "Derp". I contemplated for a long time about this (you've seen the memes). I ended up resting on it because I wanted something easy and fun to remember. It's all about enjoying life, smiling, and not taking too yourself seriously. 

I personally hand-make every item in this shop (I AM A REAL HUMAN...who sometimes likes to identify as alien). 
I sell leviwands and contact wands, hoods of all different types, and the newly added FIRE SAFE harness hoods and Nunchaku!

I LOVE DOING CUSTOM WORK!! I love collaborating with you to create your perfectly taped wand or the hood of your dreams. Nothing is off limits - so shoot me a message to get started. Let's create something beautiful together.

THANK YOU for the constant support and love. YOU ARE the reason that I do what I do.

Kristina @ DerpGear
Dance, vibe, flow, love, breathe - trying to achieve balance since 2013.



Meet The Derp Fam!!!!!

My lovely sponsored artists:


Jess, Firebolly

Insured Fire Performer from the East Coast!

I am a multiprop spinner with Contact Leviwand as my first and most loved prop. I started wanding on September 26th,2016 and have been dedicated to the Wand Life ever since. A few other props I really enjoy are Fans,Hoops,and Fire Eating.

You can follow me on Instagram at @Firebolly and on Facebook HERE.



I am a dancer, flow artist and writer. Spreading the joy of prop manipulation through the magic of the leviwand, hoops and staff!

Liberating humans by spreading body positivity and promoting/being at peace with nudity and allowing it to empower us.

Hopefully you'll catch Sahhar teaching some really unique wanding classes at Firedrums and Lucidity.

Follow her on Instagram @magicianjediwizard and on Facebook HERE.


Claire Lathrop

Claire is an artist of many forms living in Kansas City, Missouri. She is currently in school to become an art teacher to be able to share this passion with others.

Claire uses flow as another form of expression and often uses this physical form of expression as a break from visual expression and painting. She has been flowing with a Levi Wand for about 3.5 years and has recently been revisiting short string and contact, but has a special place in her heart for long-string fluid flow.

Instagram: @claire.loves.kitties
snapchat: @claairemaarie"



I saw my first Levitation Wand at Electric Forest in 2016 and fell completely in love with the illusion. Growing up, I wanted to be a magician; I practiced card tricks and many other simple tricks. Chris Angel was my favorite illusionist and I wanted to be just like him! As I had gotten older my drive to practice diminished and my dream of becoming a magician faded as well, but after seeing a levitation wand I knew this flow prop would open up a new world of magical mystery that I would absolutely love, and I was right!

I started my Levitation Wand journey on May 31st of 2017, right before Electric Forest (1 year after seeing one, I still wish I would have started this amazing journey sooner) and ever since then this stick on a string has really changed my life. During hard spouts of depression and anxiety attacks, I turn to my wand for comfort and it has really impacted my healing process when I hit my darkest times. I don’t know who I would be without my wand.

My main types of flow are long string, baton twirls, and contact moves with hopes of learning double wands soon as well! My dream is to become a performer one day and spread magic of illusion to everyone around me.

Instagram: @Aleah_Love


jenny suh

Jenny is a digital nomad, student of life and an artist who express her emotions reflected through living in divergent layers of art form. She is currently living in Brooklyn, NY finishing up college while participating in diverse local communities as part of collective.

Flow art came in to her orbit of life in 2014. Poi was her first prop but she discover her profound connection with Levi wand. Levitation wand brought movement healing, entertainment, meditation, appreciation and connections with other wanderers which led her life more interesting and dynamic today. She enjoys seeking creativity through new concepts and move and playing with different length, weights and style of wands. Though, Jenny have a special love for contact and tech focused flow.

Instagram: @what.suh



Not the average Basshead ninja! I've been flowing since my first Electric Forest in 2016.

I discovered my inner kung foo ninja flow when I picked up my first pair of nunchucks!

I love all things weird and blue.

Instagram: @Mmayoliz



A creative mind with a playful heart, you can charge me as guilty for having too much fun with my flow. I started my flow journey on October of 2017 and became enamored with the wand life.

The wand is my favorite dance partner and is as adaptable as I am in music genres and the environments we find ourselves in. From the bedroom to Las Vegas, the backyard to the Appalachian Mountains, we dance and most importantly HAVE FUN in the moment. 

Have fun, smile, be a goof, and eat that doughnut you deserve it!

Instagram: @iamcharlienova
He also is the owner of: @DailyKandi



Hey! My name is Carrie Geissman or DQFLOWS. I am a traveling performance artist based out of Northeast Ohio. I am co-founder and owner of the Flow Syndicate. We are a collective that hosts local spinjams with live music, also offering open insured fire spinning! Like our facebook page to be featured as an artist of the month. I’m affiliated with multiple companies including the Ohio Burn Unit and Anadono art collective.

I have been a levitation wand artist for 3 years, with leviwand being my most favorite prop of choice! I have been a fire artist for 2 years. My companies of choice for props would be DERPGEAR for daytime/contact. FlowToys for LED and DarkMonk for fire! Please PM me on Facebook or Insta for requests on tutorials. May the flow by with you!
Instagram: @dqflows



Hello flowmies!
I'm from a small northern Minnesota town, Grand Rapids. I just started my flow journey in July of 2018 with my first leviwand! Instantly I fell in love.

After I attended Dancefestopia as my first festival, I realized how AMAZING this community is! It made me want to learn other props, I have 4 wands! I plan to learn multiple props very soon. 

I've realized when I dance with my wand I feel free. It's meditation to me. It calms me. My wand makes me feel happy and my worries go away while I'm flowing. 

If you are feeling upset, just dance away my friend.

Instagram: @flowitout


Maia - ⱠłVɆ₩łⱤɆ

Levitation; what is more magical than that?! My wand is so entrancing; and a true character. It’s taught me so much; balance, patience, meditation, and of course, magic. Seeing someone’s eyes light up with confusion from the illusion is the best feeling!

I’m a multi-prop flow artist based out of Toronto, Canada and creating visuals is my addiction… er, I mean …passion.  Wand is a tremendously unique prop that deserves the spotlight. Its history is wonderful and its future too.

Kristina made my first wand, Lazer Mcbob. A traveling enchanted wanderer that’s come on several adventures already. I started with long string and now working on my short string journey. I couldn’t be more excited to get weird(er).

Wand is something I hope more people levitate towards… these particular wands are special and were made with a whole lotta love, DERP LIFE.

Instagram: @Squiggly_Mcpickins



I like bass and broccoli...oh, and glitter and unicorns and sloths!!!

I've been wanding for 3 years! I also spin contact staff, dragon, juggle, and fire breathe/eat.

Instagram: @Christyerin415