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Coming soon...for now here are a few to get you started.
I'd love to hear from you lovelies! Submit any tutorial requests HERE!


Leviwand Tutorials

Leviwand Tutorial - Basic Tips & Tricks - Start HERE!

Leviwand Tutorial - How to Shoulder Anchor Longstring

Leviwand Tutorial - Palm Spin - Beginner - Short or Long String

Leviwand Tutorial - Antispins & Flowers - Beginner Short or Long String

Leviwand Tutorial - How to do ISOLATIONS

Leviwand Tutorial - Isolation variations

Leviwand Tutorial - Teeter Totters

Leviwand Tutorial - Teeter Totter transitions in/out & Full body teeters.


Leviwand Tutorial - Perches


Leviwand Tutorial - How to Hand Anchor Longstring

Leviwand Tutorial - How to Transition Between Hand and Shoulder Anchor - Longstring

Elevator Trick - Long String or Short

Dalton's YouTube Channel has great Contact Wand Tutorials - Here is a preview of what you can learn. FOLLOW HERE!


Nunchuck Tutorials

For a full tutorial course on nunchucks for flow, I recommend getting on the FlowTricks website!
They're great people and flow artists and have created all of these beautiful resources for you to learn from. 

Nunchuck Tutorial 1

Nunchuck Tutorial 2