I MAke:

All of these things by hand for you...


Hoods & Face Masks & Furry Ears...OH my.

I have premade hoods with fabrics that I like. You can add designs to them if you want or lets create an entire custom together! All hoods are reversible and some FIRE SAFE options. <3


Leviwands & Derpchucks & Derpsacks

Daywands are light and great for beginners to learn short and long string (kids leviwands too!). Contact wands for getting more techy. Both totally customizable and I have a bunch of doppeeeee tape. 

Nunchaku for FLOW and freestyle play. Derpjutsuuuuuu!

JUST ADDED: Derpsackzzz for juggling & tossing around.


Other Things

You can find random bits of things here...string for wands (needle kits) and #wandswanson pins. :)

Quivers/Leviwand or custom prop bags!

Super holographic leviwander decals!

DerpGear Giftcards & Merch!