Rainbow REFLECTIVE Derpsackzzz

Rainbow REFLECTIVE Derpsackzzz


Derp Derp Derp…sacks!! These are brand new to the shop!!!

This is for a set of THREE reflective 4-panel juggling ballsackz.
Please see link for video of these in action below!

These are filled plastic pellet filling (meaning the insides will not mold or stick together if they get wet).

Each ball has a diameter of about 2.5 inches and weighs around 3.2oz per ball.

I do not recommend these for beginners trying to learn to juggle as the material they are made out is a bit smooth/slippery.

How to shoot a video and get the most out of your reflective balls!!! I have tested different lighting and methods. Here are my results in a video (filmed on a phone, flash ON for all, turn exposure setting down):

  1. Natural outdoor lighting (in the sun): Deep darker rainbow tones.

  2. Indoor with room lights/lamps on: My favorite and it shows off the rainbow tones the best in my opinion.

  3. Dark room (low light or flash only): The balls appear a bright white! No rainbow tones really shown, but they POP! It is hard to juggle in the dark though, heads up.

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These are handmade with nothing but loving vibes, good intentions, and smiles.
Contact me HERE with any questions at all (I respond quickly!) You can also message me on Instagram @Derpgear or on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/derpgear.