Kids wand!

Kids wand!

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I am now offering shorter wands (smaller finger loop) for children!!! Inspired by all of the beautiful parents who wanted to flow with their babessss. 

Choose any tape available in the shop HERE/spiral any two tapes together!

  • Leave tape choices in notes. 

All kids wands come with FREE name personalization (check out photos for example)!!! 

  • Leave the name in the notes if you want to add this. 

These will be a standard 23 inches long, but i can customize if you want to send me the child's height.

You have three options:

  • Short String - Comes as a short string wand with finger loop and swivel.
  • Long String - Comes as a long string wand - NO finger loop/swivel.
  • Long String Swivel - Come as a long string and I will send you a finger loop and swivel separate.

Each wand is personally tested for balance.

I recommend short string for beginners.

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These are handmade with nothing but loving vibes, good intentions, and smiles.
Contact me HERE with any questions at all (I respond quickly!) You can also message me on Instagram @Derpgear or on Facebook @